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The following cats are available for adoption or fostering. See adoption/foster policies below.

To the best of our knowledge, these cats are healthy, neutered, vaccinated, and ready for a loving family.

~~~ Flash! We have requests for kittens. If you have any kittens available to adopt out, please send us an email to address shown at top of this page.
Give us specifics of kittens and we will put you in touch with people interested in adopting. ~~~

Updated 12/1/2015

PS, some of our adoptables made it big-time to the Austin-Statesman web page. Click:
Featured Cats


4 yr old tabby male cat with Beautiful green eyes. He has been neutered. He has a friendly personality and is a big "love bug". He loves to curl up in you in your lap and be scratched! He has always been an indoor cat and still has his claws and is not a destructive cat at all. I am not able to keep him where I now live. I recently moved to Blanco. It Breaks my heart to part with him because he Is such a good cat. He does good around other cats and dogs. He is a curious cat and likes to know what you are doing at all times. I desperately need To find a loving home for him.
Contact: Marla Gustafson, 210-997-6617,


She was found abandoned behind a Dollar General, with 4 kittens. Then when the kittens were old enough they all went to the Humane Society. All the kittens found homes but poor Emerald, did not. After 3 months in a cage I have taken her back in hopes of finding her a forever home. She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all her shots.
For more info please call Stacy Kamas 830-833-1322 or email me at srkamas@gmailcom


Leo is his name and being lazy is his game. Leo is a 5 yr old bangel male cat who is fixed. He has always been an indoor cat and loves to snuggle in your bed and drink from the water faucet. He is up to dates on shots. His front paws have been DECLAWED, so be careful to not let him escape from the house. He will do fine on a leash buy won't really walk on it, just likes to lay in the grass and smell around. He is VERY VERY vocal and will meow very deeply when he feels he needs attention day or night. He is a great companion for someone older, because he just loves to lay around and be petted.
Contact: Bethany Enderle, 210-315-8692,


Very fuzzy kittens needing a home.
They look like Maine Coons.
For more info call Stacy 830-833-1322


She was trapped behind Stripes in Blanco. She was living out of the dumpster until they started locking it. Then some of the employees would feed her and some would chase her away. When she was trapped it was found that she was already fixed and she had a wound on her side. She has been in foster care for quite a while, but has to stay in one room because she tested positive for Felv. She shows no sign of illness, but she doesn't trust other cats.

For more info contact Julianne at 512-565-6893. Thanks


CAROL'S 4 KITTENS >> Note: they have now been placed, 11/9/13

If anyone can help Carol, please contact me or forward along the email. She took in 4 stray kittens (1 girl and 3 boys) and has gotten them their first shots and de-wormed…and is willing to donate supplies and pay for their spay/neuters and booster vaccinations. They are all eating dry food and using the litter box as well. She planned on keeping them and finding them homes, but her no-pet apartment found out she has them and is giving her until the 13th to find placement for them. She would really like to avoid bringing them to the city shelter in San Antonio for fear that they will be euthanized in 24 hours.

Thanks so much for any help or information. Have a great day,

Amy Rypczyk, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc., 335 Old Blanco Road Kendalia, TX 78027, 830-336-2725 ext 304





6/11/12 Flash Update:
These kittens are now in foster care

Cute and available!


If you know someone that wants a kitten, they are 7 weeks! And they are vet social with other cats and dogs!!!! They were found/abandoned in a barn in Blanco, Texas!
The WRR took them to foster and find homes!
They can be adopted at 8 weeks! The WRR will give the shots and neuter, etc.
The cost is $60!?!? Or $65!?!
And they are so cute and tiny kittens like our Blossom!!!

Click VIDEO:


9 months old, female, house-broken, rabies shot, neutered here at the SA SPCA, NO chip. She is a sweet cat, a little hyper when she plays, which probably is the kitten in her. I personally think she'd make a great outdoor cat, to catch mice, etc.
I'm moving June 1st and cannot take her with me. Call Suzzanne: 512 461 2688


We have 4 female cats that have been spayed (within the last 2 years) that need a home. They are 2 sets of mother & daughter and are sweet cats. 2 are relatively short-haired, black and look identical. The other 2 are beautiful, long-haired cats - the mother is white with silver tips and blue eyes (the mother is our inside pet and is a Siamese). The other one is the white cat's daughter and is a gorgeous calico cat. Their ages are 2-5 years. We have let the 2 black ones come in and sleep during the coldest parts of the winter this year and I think at least one of them is easily domesticated/house pet. The other 3 are probably not but let you pet them endlessly while they're eating on the back porch. Can you help me find homes for these cats? We are moving in a couple of months. Thank you,
Mary Jane Holden, 609 River Road, Blanco, TX 78606, 512-970-5437



Female, spayed, unknown age, about the same age as Morris, possibly littermate, definitely friends with Morris. Friendly to caretaker: Carol.

Posted 1/19/09


These are cats that are being watched by or reported by our members or friends as being likely house pets
who were dumped or strayed. If you know the cat or possible owner, please contact us.
The information shown below is all we have on each cat.
We don't know their history, status on shots, etc.
If you have an interest in adopting or foster caring for any of them, please let us know.

Stay tuned, we will post any newly found cats.
Please check back soon for more cat pictures and details.

TO ADOPT OR PROVIDE FOSTER CARE FOR A CAT OR CATS: If you see one or more of these cats that you are possibly interested in adopting or fostering, or want to specify what you would like, please email BCCC at You and the cat caretaker will arrange a meeting/visitation so that you can meet the cat and the caretaker can meet you. We encourage thorough screening, a home visit, and an adoption fee prior to adoption for the well being of the cat and to assure it a safe environment. All arrangments will be made between the adopter and the cat caretaker. All cats are returnable. If you decide you cannot keep the adopted cat, please contact the caretaker to make arrangements. A donation would be greatly appreciated to help offset our costs incurred in caring for these cats!! (See Donations)

TO PLACE A CAT ON THIS ADOPTABLES PAGE: If you have a cat that needs a new home, we can guide you on the process and assist by placing a free advertisement on this page. To qualify of this web-posting service, you must email a full description of the cat to us, and include at least one digital picture. Please describe the following as best you know it: Cat name, age, gender, color, vaccination history, spay/neuter status, health status, temperament and indoor/outdoor history. Also provide your name, address, email and phone number to be published with your name and the cat's picture/description on this page. Click here for an addressed email, then fill it out with the above information about you and your cat: A donation would be greatly appreciated to help offset our costs!!

BARN CATS: These cats make ideal residents for stables or barns. Healthy, sterilized cats need barn homes!

These cats are feral (wild) and need a home at a farm, horse stable, or other suitable outdoor environment with shelter.

All the cats have been sterilized and vaccinated against rabies, and now need an outdoor home where they can live out their lives.

Caretaker responsibilities include providing daily food and water, protection from the elements, and long-term veterinary care.

Be prepared for a brief period of adjustment. Moving to a new home is stressful for anyone, cats included! After a short stay in secure confinement, the cats will accept their new home and be chasing mice out of your grain with enthusiasm.

If you want to adopt barn cats, please call the above phone number.

Guidance and help will be provided during the relocation process.

Thank you for caring and helping.


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